The Frankfurt Group & Holdings
Film Financing & Development, Tax Equity/Credit Financing, and Distressed Asset Financing

Welcome to The Frankfurt Group & Holdings

The Frankfurt Group & Holdings is a conglomerate holding company headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, that oversees and manages a number of subsidiaries, traditionally focusing on film financing, development, and distribution, tax equity/credit financing, as well as distressed asset financing. The Frankfurt Group's general fund is a financially endowed business vehicle which specializes in the investment and acquisition of special interests. The Frankfurt Group leverages many financing mechanisms including debt, gap/supergap, as well as private equity, liquid and hedge funds to acquire companies and project and provide them with the necessary capital, management, and business development to grow their infrastructure often while still maintaining a controlling interest in the secured acquisition.
Learn more about our film financing & development, tax equity, and distressed asset opportunities and how we can help you.
  • Analyze Potential

    interface & webdesign We can help you uncover demand for your opportunity - after an initial consultation to determine specific needs, we'll guide you through a process targeted to make your project more successful and profitable.
  • Bright Ideas & Initiative

    beratung & projekt managementUnfortunately, the road to success is not always smooth - to overcome these hurdles and realize your potential, one needs to develop sound business practices and strategies - we'll help you do just that through bright ideas and initiative.
  • Business Development

    website analyse & optimierungIn today's rapidly changing world, only well-planned businesses succeed. Since 2004, The Frankfurt Group has been consulting and expanding businesses throughout the world.